• Glycol refrigeration system
This unique system offers a wide range of benefits including;
highly efficient and reliable temperature control
A completely food safe, non-hazardous liquid based system
Increased performance, energy efficiency and cost savings.

• Humidification system
All rooms are connected to a computerized central humidity system to adapt the humidity ratio at clients needs.

• Office space available for lease.

• State-of-the-art monitoring system
We have a computerized central system to monitor all rooms components, recording the air temperature of all the rooms every 10 minutes and alarms for any failures. The recorded data is presented through the use of text and graphics. Remotely measured pulp temperature and data recorded by sensors are connected to the central system.

• Constant monitoring and control of fresh cargo
All cargo inspections and quality reports for clients are carried out by our trained supervisors. We can also measure the weight of the cargo if the client requests. Specialized supervisors manually measure the pulp temperature, CO2, Co and Humidity Ratio every 12 hours. These measurements are taken by state of the art instruments to ensure accuracy in monitoring the cargo.

• 24 hour central station alarm monitoring (fire, burglar & building temperature)

• CCTV Security Camera System constantly monitoring the entire facility.

• Stand-by, full duty power generators 1500 K.v.a.

• Flexible Appointment Scheduling 24/7
Multi fruit Egypt’s office and warehouse hours are some of the longest in the area. We work 24 hours, 7 days a week, including all national holidays. We are here because you need us to be.